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Sophie The Giraffe

The 'Sophie the Giraffe' range of teething products can help your child with the teething process. 

As a product it has been “baby-tested" and "mother approved" by millions of infants and mothers throughout the world. Sophie the Giraffe is an infant teething toy that is extremely soft and smooth, and easily recognised by a baby, many reviews compare it to the skin of the baby's mother.  Sophie the Giraffe is specifically made with visually contrasting spots, and an auditory "squeaker," and a soft and very specific scent related to the 100% natural rubber which provides reliable relief from some of the pain and irritation of infant teething. 

Today, the Sophie the Giraffe product range is a complete collection of products that are great for baby gifts and suit babies who are teething, by providing plenty of softness, cuteness and kindness.