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Portable Night Lights

A night light , as the name suggests, is a light you leave on at night. A night light is deigned to illuminate a room with a soft glow that is not so bright that it prevents sleep. Portable night lights do not need to be plugged into a power outlet and can sit anywhere in the room. Most portable night lights run off batteries. Some portable night lights are rechargeable through the use of a usb cable.

What are the benefits of night lights?

Night lights have many practical uses including:

  • Comfort fior kids who are afraid of the dark.
  • Helps parents to see at night when checking in on their baby.
  • Allows your little one to easily locate his teddy bear (or comforter of choice) in the dark.
  • Illuminate the changing table for midnight diaper changes.

Good for kids, great for parents

While night lights are very much marketed for kids, I personally believe it is the parents who get the most benefit out of installing a night light in a kids room.