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Love To Dream

Love to Dream Swaddles - One of Australias favourite baby swaddles. 

 Love to Dream products are all about finding simple solutions to everyday parenting needs, & providing a more peaceful night's sleep to babies, toddlers & their parents. It's what they call 'everyday genius'™ 

Their goal from day one has been to help you & your baby achieve longer & better quality sleep. Through true innovation, & a real understanding of the challenges that ALL new parents face around sleep, theLove To DreamTM Sleep system was born. They have developed an innovative, yet simple, 3-stage range of products designed to encourage better quality sleep for your infant from 0-36 months of age. Begin with the revolutionary Love to Swaddle UP arms up swaddle. The Love to Swaddle UP™ 50/50 is a unique solution that assists you & your baby in making the transition from baby swaddle to baby sleeping bag. We also seel their  revolutionaryINVENTA range of sleeping bags for babies & toddlers.

The Love to Dream™ range is designed to help gently teach your child to achieve better & more consistent sleep from an early stage in life.

I loved this product. My little girl used the Love To Dream swaddle since she was 5 weeks old. We noticed when she woke from a sleep cycle that she sucked on the 'paws' of her swaddle suit to self-soothe; and has slept through the night from 5 weeks of age! This was a revelation as I never believed it was possible for a baby to sleep through the night. The Love To Swaddle UP is step one in the Love To Dream sleep system. This unique baby swaddle solution allows you to swaddle with arms UP, allowing your baby to self-soothe. This helps your baby to quickly settle and establish an easy and peaceful sleep routine.

Browse our fantastic range of Love To Dream: Love To Dream Original SwaddleLove To Dream 50/50, Love To Dream Lite