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5 Reasons Why It's Important to Own a Humidifier This Winter...

Adding moisture to you or your baby’s room can make a big difference in how you look and they feel! Especially if you have dry nasal and sinus passages, and are uncomfortable during the arid winter months. The combination of the dry Winter air and a turned-up thermostat with closed windows can wreak havoc on your little ones respiratory system. Believe me I know as my first born suffered terribly from lung and nasal problems. I found the best way to combat dry air and reduce her susceptibility to was to invest in a humidifier. If you've suffered through too many snotty colds with your kids having trouble breathing or with baby snuffling through the night, then it might be time to see what all the hype about was all about.

1. Relieve Sinus Problems: When the air is too dry, sinuses don't drain and function properly. So adding humidity to the air is generally good for sinus health and especially if you're little one is regularly suffering from congestion and sinusitis.

2. Heal your Body Faster: Whether it is a cold, asthma, or allergies, a humidifier helps your little ones nasal passages stay lubricated, which helps speed up the healing process when they are under the weather. For people with bad allergies, there are humidifiers that are specially designed to purify the air as well.

3. Stop Nosebleeds: Another reason keeping your nasal passages moist and lubricated is that it helps prevent nosebleeds. If you're regularly experiencing nosebleeds due to your dry climate, it's worth a try. Many people have found that it makes a huge difference to their health and use the humidifier to prevent their body and environment drying out.

4. Alleviate Snoring: The moisture from a humidifier keeps the throat from drying out and relieves the intensity of that annoying snoring sound. If you or your partner is a snorer, the added bonus is that (at least) one of you will be sleeping more soundly.

5. Support Healthy Body and Skin: Soothe dry skin by sleeping with a humidifier on through the night. In the morning, you'll notice not only that your face looks more supple, but also that your hands and lips don't feel dry and dehydrated.

 Humidifiers make for easier breathing when you or your kids have a cold and Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dry skin, nose, throat, and lips. Many people also use a humidifier to ward off common cold and flu symptoms.