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Gro Clock

Gro Clock by Gro Company - Australian Version 

The new Gro Clock overcomes a challenge all Parents have is.. how do you get your children to understand when it’s time to get up?

SIMPLE “stay in bed until you see the sun!”

The Gro Clock just released, uses fun images of the stars and sun to communicate when to go back to sleep and when it’s time to get up. Due to popular request, the new model of the Gro-Clock has a new feature allowing parents to choose whether or not to display the digital clock during the usual ‘stars to sun’ countdown. So for older children, they can now start to learn digital time, as well as look for the arrival of the sun!

The Gro clock also comes with a nicely illustrated book to help to encourage children to stay in bed longer, which means more sleep for them and more sleep for you! “No more getting up at 5am!”. Gro Clock’s combination of the simple glowing images and the bedtime story book which has already made the Gro Clock a phenomenal success.

Key features:

  • Glowing screen shows images of moon and sun to communicate ‘sleep’ and ‘wake-up time’ to children
  • Stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time 
  • Includes fun bedtime story book 
  • Key-lock option 
  • Adjustable screen brightness 
  • Silent operation 
  • Optional digital clock and audible alarm feature 
  • Night-time and day-time nap modes 
  • Mains powered (adapter included) 
  • Suitable from age 2+ years
  • Sleep Farm Book: Includes a beautifully illustrated book by leading children’s artist Mike Terry. ‘Sleepy Farm’ tells the tale of a very tired pig. The book helps reinforce the message of a good night’s sleep.

Safe Sleep Advice

Top 5 tips to help a baby sleep well.

  1. Timing. Leave a reasonable length of time before your baby has woken up from his last day-time nap before his bed-time. Over-napping or sleeping late in the afternoon can lead to sleep problems. 
  2. Routines. A familiar series of steps leading up to bedtime will help to make your baby feel sleepy and safe. A gentle bath-time, book-reading or singing will all help.
  3. Discourage a milk/sleep association. If your baby learns to only settle while drinking milk, you may end up giving frequent, unnecessary feeds each time your baby stirs during a period of lighter sleep.
  4. Love the cot! Always place you baby into his cot while he’s awake or it can be a real shock waking up in a strange environment and not in your arms.
  5. Remember the sleep cycles.  It is normal for babies to wake several times in the night, so it’s better than your baby learns to re-settle themselves. This is why Grobags are so popular, because the children remain warm and cosy during these awake and asleep phases during the night.