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 Introducing a comforter for your baby is a great way to help pacify and settle your little one back to sleep.

Comforters are an aid that a baby uses to help relax and can include any number of items like a comforter blanket, soft toys or thumbs. If you see that your child is choosing a comforter or sleeping aid that is a blanket or soft toy as their special comfort aid, you could buy another one like it, that way your baby always has their comforter when one may be in the wash. My first born daughter, loved, her comforter it was called 'blankie' and she used it until she was 4 !! She decided she was too old for her comforter (and believe me the comforter was pretty beat up by then) but she got so much joy from using it during those early years. When she was around 3mths old I noticed that my daughter loved rubbing a blanket on her face while going to sleep, so I introduced a comforter to her by first using it during breast feeding and she slowly transferred onto using it instead of me for comfort. This was especially great as I had to go back to work and I knew that as long as she had her comforter 'blankie' she would cuddle up happily and sleep at day-care or when she was being looked after by family or friends.

It is recommended to use a sleep comforter to help your baby settle and sleep and to seek comfort when upset or lonely. Studies have shown that babies and toddlers who use a comforter are significantly more likely to sleep through the night than those with no comforter. When your child forms an attachment to a comforter they are able to use it to self soothe, which is essential if your baby is to learn how to sleep through the night without calling for you. Get a good quality comforter that your baby loves and everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Our favourite brands are;

*Save Our Sleep - Tizzie Hall Comforters

 *Sophie The Giraffe - So Pure Comforters

 *Cuski - A Range of Baby Comforters

 Choose a baby’s comforter by picking something that’s easy to replace if its lost and designed safely and especially for infants. Make sure that the comforter you choose for your baby has no parts that could represent a choking hazard, such as buttons for the eyes or nose. The most popular comforters are those that are soft and tactile and perfect for stroking as your baby drifts off to sleep, its best to make sure there’s no loose materials that your baby could breathe in. We also suggest that when choosing a comforter you keep the colours pale. Babies can be easily stimulated by bright colours so you want your baby to be soothed by their comforter and not ready to play! Its best to also make sure that the comforter is machine washable and durable. In our experience most children rely on their comforter when they are, scared, worried, afraid, or tired. They usually need their comforter at times such as bedtime, naptime, or when being cared for by someone else, such as a daycare or child minder.