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Sophie the Giraffe's product range offers a variety of different products and items for children at very reasonable prices. From toys to cutlery sets to music box, this online store offers all the little accessories that you little bundle of joy would want.

Products by Sophie the Giraffe:

i. Cute teethers:

Sophie the Giraffe offers a wide range of teethers for your young ones. A teether helps your child in teeth growth and development. Sophie the Giraffe offers cute teethers that keep your child occupied while teething. The cute designs include a fawn teether, a giraffe teether etc.

ii. Cozy comforters:

A comforter is the first thing a parent reaches out for in order to get their child to sleep. Sophie the Giraffe understands the concern of parents worldwide and therefore offers soft, cozy and beautiful comforters with fun prints and embellishments.

iii. Sweet cutlery sets:

This product is for children who have reached the age where they can either sit themselves and try to eat or when their moms can feed them something solid. Sophie the Giraffe offers cute cutlery sets with giraffe and other fun pictures. This makes the eating routine more fun for the kids and the parent and makes it an experience to look forward to.

iv. Adorable music boxes:

Every kid loves a bit of music in their lives. Music boxes are a great baby item to have as it can help soothe the baby and even put him/ her to sleep. Sophie the Giraffe offers different ranges and colors in music boxes. The pink one and the blue one are the most popular items. They are decorated with beautiful small giraffes and they spin when played.

v. Lovely gift sets and toys:

Sophie the Giraffe offers gift sets and toys at a very reasonable price range. You can either get these for your own child or to gift it to someone. The toys are beautiful, safe and engaging.

Get your bundle of joy some of these amazing products and see the happiness on his/her face.


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