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Our Baby Sleeping Bags are the perfect option to keep baby cosy and comfortable and to keep them from scratching when it's time for bed!

A Baby Sleeping Bag should not be not to be confused with an adult camping sleeping bag. A baby sleeping bag is basically a wearable blanket designed for babies to replace traditional blankets and sheets. Baby sleeping bags comes with fitted armholes and a neck opening, and are 'worn' by your baby. they are popular because your baby won't throw off their blanket or get tangled in between the sheets.

By using a sleeping bag, you can ensure your baby sleeps well in a warm and constant temperature throughout the night. No more will they be throwing off covers and waking up cold in the middle of the night. Also, no blankets and sheets covering your baby's face means that your baby can breathe easy, eliminating dangers of possible suffocation and thus reducing risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Oopsie has a wonderful selection of baby sleeping bags. We work hard on bringing you only the best baby sleeping bags, in a range of colours, designs, and sizes and weights for different seasons. The baby sleeping bags we offer are high in quality and are completely safe for your baby. They are made primarily from natural and organic fibres that are gentle on your baby's  skin. Buy online from our gorgeous range of baby sleeping bags and start establishing safe sleeping patterns early on.