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3 Seasons Sleeping Bags

3 and 4 Seasons Sleeping Bags and Sleep Suits 

Baby sleeping bags are ideal for little ones that like to kick off the covers and they are also a safer way for a baby to sleep as it reduces the need for extra bedding.  

It can be confusing if you are new to baby sleeping bags, but her at Oopsie we aim to give you a range of choices using different fabrics, styles, composition and of course the all important price! Oopsie stock a rannge of 3 and 4 Seasons baby sleeping bags that are made from natural fibres and not filled with polyester wadding. Transeasonal sleeping Bags are best in the Autum Months from Summer transitioning to the Winter. They are a warmer TOG then the Summer Sleeping Bags. However, not as heavy as the Winter Sleeping Bags. They can also be ideal for the warmer climates when the winter may not be so cold. We believe natural bedding encourages better sleep.  Most sleeping bags have a TOG rating which is  a UK standard, but widely used here in Australia. The higher the TOG, the warmer the bag. For example : 3.5 TOG is for winter use and 0.2 TOG is for Warmer Weather.